Graduation April 2022: Seven students from my lab group graduated with a PhD; three of them with a Chancellor’s Doctoral Research Medal. I believe this is the largest graduating group by any supervisor at UNE at a single graduation ceremony.


Past and present PhD and Masters students (Country of origin and thesis title)

My current Lab Group currently consists of one postdoc, one technician, 18 PhD students as Principal Supervisor and two visiting PhD students from Brazil.

Current PhD Students

An Dang – PhD student from Vietnam.
Thesis Title: Geoinformatics-based assessment of climate change impacts on wetlands in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

  Sujith Ratnayake– PhD student from Sri Lanka.
Thesis Title: Modelling Climate Change Vulnerability in Cascaded Tank-Village Agro-Ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

  Sanaul Haque– PhD student from Bangladesh.
Thesis Title: : Climate Change Perception, Impact, Vulnerability, and Adaptation: A Gender Analysis of Agrarian Families in Bangladesh.

  Champika Shyamalie Kariyawasam – PhD student from Sri Lanka.
Thesis Title: Risk assessment of invasive plants in Sri Lanka using species distribution modeling as a tool.

Sadeeka Layomi Jayasinghe – PhD student from Sri Lanka.
Thesis Title: Impacts of Climate Changes on Tea Cultivation in Sri Lanka.

Tharani Gopalakrishnan – PhD student from Sri Lanka.
Thesis Title: Modelling land suitability in response to seawater intrusion under climate change scenarios in the Jaffna Peninsula

Md Kamrul Hasan – PhD student from Bangladesh.
Thesis Title: Impact of climate change on farming system and farm management in coastal regions of Bangladesh

Benjamin Kogo – PhD student from Kenya.
Thesis Title: Analysis of impacts of climate change variability and land use/ land cover changes on rain-fed agriculture: A case study of maize production in Uasin Gishu county, Kenya

Ngawang Chhogyel – PhD student from Bhutan.
Thesis Title: Distribution and impacts of invasive weed species on agriculture and bio-diversity in Bhutan

Mahtsente Tadese – PhD student from Ethiopia.
Thesis Title: Impact of Climate and Environmental Change on River Water Availability, Irrigation and Sediment Load in Awash River Basin, Ethiopia

Sushil Lamichhane – PhD student from Nepal.
Thesis Title: Improving digital mapping of soil organic carbon using data mining algorithms and environmental covariates in Nepal

Mark Cameron – PhD student from Australia.
Thesis Title: Shadow detection and removal in high resolution imagery for improved classification.

Cate Macgregor – GIS/RS Technician

Graduated PhD students

  1. Philip Langat (Kenya) Impacts of climate change on Sustainability of Irrigation schemes in Eastern  and Southern Africa.
  2. Devraj Chalise (Nepal) Assessment of rates and impacts of soil erosion on maize yield using GIS and remote sensing in the middle hills of Nepal.
  3. Mofza Algahtany (Saudi Arabia) Modelling spatial distribution and association between economic and social factors and criminal issues in Saudi Arabia
  4. Pramod Lamsal (Nepal) Climate change impacts on the high altitude ecosystem and biodiversity of Nepal.
  5. Rasha Al-Jaryian (Iraq) Monitoring and assign the impact of climate change on agricultural crops and pest using CLIMEX modelling: A case study of Iraq.
  6. Rashid Al-Shidi (Oman) Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System to Study the Dubas Bug Ommatissus lybicus de Bergevin Infestation Patterns in Oman.
  7. Amal Allbed (Saudi Arabia) Using geographic information system and remote sensing technologies to assess and map soil salinity and its impact on vegetation cover in Al Hassa oasis in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.
  8. Manoj Kumer Ghosh (Bangladesh) Mapping the Long Term Changes in Mangrove Cover Sundarbans, Bangladesh and Predictions of Future Change under Different Climate Change Scenarios.
  9. Paulo Santana (Brazil)
  10. Dymphna Javier (Philippines) Use of GIS and high-resolution satellite imagery in generation of landslide hazard and risk maps in the Municipality of Tublay, Province of Benguet, Northern Philippines.
  11. Nadiezhda Ramirez Cabral (Mexico) Modelling climate change impacts on common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and maize (Zea mays) and their pests.
  12. Abdullah Alqurashi (Saudi Arabia) Analysing the Complexity of Urbanization and Land Use/Cover Changes and the Associated Environmental Impacts.
  13. Rodrigo Soares Ramos (Brazil) Seasonal and geographical distribution models of Bemisia tabaci by climate change.
  14. Ricardo Siqueira da Silva (Brazil) Thesis Title: Spatio-temporal dynamics and impacts of climate change on Neoleucinodes elegantalis and Solanum lycopersicum using modelling.
  15. Farzin Shabani (Iran) Thesis Title: Modelling the impact of climate change on future distribution of date palm.
  16. Priyakant Sinha (India) Thesis Title: GIS and Remote Sensing based land cover change detection, prediction modelling and assessment of change on biodiversity using time-series data.
  17. Barat S M Taylor (Fiji) Thesis Title: Remote sensing and modelling the distribution of ‘Lantana camara’ L. in relation to land-use, soil drainage and climate change.
  18. Kathryn Lambert (Australia) Thesis Title: Quantifying the Importance of Lantana Removal, Soil Nutrient Profiles, Insect Assemblages and Bell Miner Density on Bell Miner Associated Dieback.
  19. Hassan Khormi (Saudi Arabia) Thesis Title: Modelling of dengue fever and its vector risks based on the impacts of socioeconomic, meteorological and environmental factors: a Geographic Information System-based case study of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  20. Khaled Alqadi (Jordan) Thesis Title: Using spatial analyses tools to study the impact of changing demographics, agricultural extents and urban growth on water quality and availability in the Amman-Zarqa basin, Jordan.
  21. Jaqueline Thorner (Brazil) Thesis Title: Effects of rising sea levels on habitat diversity and biodiversity of intertidal rocky reefs.
  22. Hanieh Saremi (Iran) Thesis Title: Use of LiDAR data to quantify the influence of topography on radiata pine (‘Pinus radiata’ D. Don) at the sub-compartment level.
  23. Michael Drielsma (Australia) Thesis Title: Regional-scale Collaborative Biodiversity Modelling in a Complex World.
  24. Caitlyn Johns (Australia) Thesis Title: Predicting the Effects of Restoring Tidal Connectivity on the Vegetation of Fresh and Oligohaline Wetlands: Clarence River Floodplain, Northern NSW.
  25. Francis Karanja (Kenya) Thesis Title: Ecosystem Service Provision from Natural Resource Management Interventions in the Gwydir Catchment, North-Western New South Wales: Spatial Bio-Economic Evaluation at Catchment, District and Farm Scales.
  26. Su Xianfeng (China) Thesis Title: Vegetation recovery and simulation of colonisation process of dominant species after open-cut mining at Boggabri, NSW, Australia.

Graduated Masters students

  1. Nathan Spooner (Australia). Thesis Title: Primary Pathways: An exploration of the association between topography and indicators of mobility strategy.
  2. Katrina Leis (Australia). Thesis Title: Linking ecological research with biodiversity hotspots to identify hotspots that need greater research attention.
  3.  Chantelle Doyle (Australia). Thesis Title: On the hunt for chocolate: Identifying suitable habitat of Dichopogon fimbriatus using Atlas of Living Australia.
  4.  Tani Cooper (Australia). Thesis Title: The distribution of selected vertebrate species within the New England Tableland region.
  5. Veikko Kunkel (Australia). Thesis Title: Analysis of the application of TOPSIS as a generalised prioritisation process in comparing four hydrological models for ranking wetland condition.
  6. Vikram Singh Ahlawat (India). Thesis Title: To investigate the possibility of using hyperspectral remote sensing data as a tool for early detection of leaf rust.
  7. Dev Raj Ghimire (Nepal). Thesis Title: Carbon quantification using satellite remote sensing: a case of community forestry in Nepal.
  8. Kirsten Knox (Australia). Thesis Title: Measuring fire severity in dry sclerophyll vegetation: satellites to seeds.
  9.  Paul Konings (Australia). Thesis Title: Automating request, process and delivery of satellite image analyses for individual crop zones: A GIS Case Study.
  10.  Michael Talbot (Australia). Thesis Title: Advances in Remote Sensing and its Implications on Precision Agriculture.
  11.  Martin Dillon (Australia). Thesis Title: The application of rainfall predictions from Weather Watch Radar to Natural Resource Management in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia – A GIS Analysis.
  12.  Adrian MacDonald (Australia).
  13. Elayan Almutairi (Saudi Arabia). Thesis Title: How can spatial data be organised at a national scale in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its benefits to the GIS community.
  14.  Lynda Weston (Australia). Thesis Title: Kosciuszko Alpine Resorts riparian corridor land study – Using GIS to categorise riparian corridor land.
  15.  Richard Coughlin (Australia). Thesis Title: Mapping Lantana camara using high spatial resolution Quickbird imagery.
  16.  Simone Grounds (Australia). Thesis Title: Pineapples, Pixels and Objects – A Comparison of Remote Sensing Classification Techniques for land use Mapping.
  17.  Susan MacMinn (Australia). Thesis Title: GIS technology in disaster response coordination: managing data and supporting decision making.
  18. Davaa Narantuya (Mongolia). Thesis Title: Spatial pattern of terrestrial fern species along environmental gradients, Makwampur District, Nepal.
  19.  Ki Hwan Cho. Thesis Title: Predicting vegetation type using climate modelling.
  20. Marijn van Ballegooijen (Netherlands). Thesis Title: Intraspecific competition between perennial grass tussocks in a semi-arid grazing system.
  21. Ibrahim Alfalodah (Saudia Arabia).
  22. Amal Allbed (Saudi Arabia).
  23. Hassan Khormi (Saudi Arabia).
  24. Abdullah Alqurashi (Saudi Arabia).
  25. Khalifa Al-kindi (Oman).
  26. Eman Albalawi (Saudi Arabia).

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